Thursday, May 1, 2008

Barbara and Kenney's Engagement Shoot

This engagement shoot we did in Brooklyn, starting in my neighborhood in Cobble Hill, heading to popular 5th ave in Park Slope and finishing in Brooklyn Heights by the pier. Check it out for ideas for your engagement shoot! It doesn't have to be in Central Park to be romantic, although Central Park is totally picturesque. But, I believe a lot of what makes a photograph beautiful is the energy captured in the picture. So, that's my job and yours is to bring it! Being that you're engaged, it's probably pretty natural for you to display chemistry. My best advice is to just stay loose and have fun! Barbara and Kenney did a great job with that...well done you two! :)

So, we ended the shoot at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn Heights. Kenney was very happy, he'd heard about Grimaldi's on the Travel channel. And to toot my horn, I have pull at Grimaldi's and we got to cut the line. Go figure, the one place I can cut the velvet ropes is a pizza place...!

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