Monday, July 30, 2007

Sarah and Tim

Sarah chose to go with a forties look which was so perfect for her. She looked like a movie star. While the girls were getting ready at Avalon Salon in the West Village, the guys were getting shaved at Paul Mole. The girls went back to the NY Hilton get dressed and the guys went to one of the groomsmen's loft. If you would like to see Sarah and Tim's slideshow, go to

After the ceremony at St. Vincent's Ferrar, the bridal party hit a few spots in the city to get some energetic photos that also capture the spirit of New York. This was a really fun shoot! In the slideshow, you'll see we even went to the waterfront in Tribecca and got some shots in front of the Statue of Liberty.

As sunset closed in, we got to the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers for an breathtaking reception. Abigail Kirsch is the sole caterer for the Chelsea Piers. The room was outstanding with an orchid plant on every table!

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